Janet Gay(non-registered)
I graduated with your sister, Kim in 1977. We're friends on FB and I just saw her post about you being an awesome photographer with one of your photos. That led me here to check out your work. Awesome work.

I, too, am a photographer. I've been "practicing" for years and have had several different photography classes over the years. I'm currently taking lessons from a professional photographer. He teaches you for a year and then sets you free. :) His goal is to get you as good as he is. Like you, I don't know if I'll ever be as good as I want to be....but I'm getting closer.

I really enjoyed looking at your photos and will probably "stop by" on occasion to see what you've added. Thanks for sharing them.
All the photos have a classic touch especially the decayed collection. The black and white colour combination makes them all a classy one. I loved them all. You are so talented in the photography. All the photos are awesome not a single one to point as bad. http://coolbulbs.com
Awesome pictures and great work! I especially love the macro shots.
Mark Redstrom(non-registered)
Great work Randy! Always super-impressed with all the amazing photos you take. So glad you were able to take some family pictures for us late last year. Can't wait to have some more done very soon! Great job!
Monty Oliver(non-registered)
The Georgia Appalachian Club that I a member of has a group of camera nuts that meet at different times of the year and do photo hikes. Terry has a Nicon SLR and I am trying to get her to on the next outing. We can share hopefully.
Karen Richter(non-registered)
You are so good. I love them all. Wish I could master my camera, but I don't have the patience. Good luck!
Karen Franks(non-registered)
Randy, you may not be where you want to be in your photography but you are well on your way. To us novices though, you are already there! Congratulations and best wishes on your website.
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